HL 370

id: 2049005

Technical features

4-channel level Converter Converter HL370 (4-channel) are designed for connection to head units that do not have line outputs, through the speaker outputs to standard RCA amp inputs.

The number of output channels 4
The number of input channels 2
Total harmonic distortion < 0.01%
The ratio signal/noise > 90dB
Frequency range 20-20000hz
Entrance Remote there
Noise reduction there
Input High-level (12B)
The output signal Low level (up to 6V)
Adjustable range of output sensitivity 0,2 B-6V
Maximum output power 30W X 4канала
The RFI filter No
Size, mm 92x66x26

The main advantages of using:

  • Easy connect
  • Compact
  • Automatic on/off
  • Adjustable output sensitivity
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