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Technical features

Small size universal terminal BT46810U facilitates installation in confined spaces and is ideal for small systems that have only one main power wire for the radio. Technology OmniSert ™ provides reliable, high-resistance contact wire connector for any wire from 10 AWG (5,27 sq. mm.) to 4 AWG (21,2 sq. mm.). Additional fastening of the power ring allows you to connect to the terminal factory wiring or additional power wire, if necessary.

The included adapter allows you to use the terminal for the negative and positive connections to the battery. Reliable clamping design ensures a tight fit to lead the front of the battery. And mechanical forged brass construction with zinc plating refers to Maritime performance. High temperature polycarbonate cover provides additional insulation and protection.

Mounting hole taper 19.5 mm/17.5 mm

  • Terminal battery universal Euro standard
  • Outputs: universal 4GA (8 mm) - 10GA (5mm) + additional possibility of connecting the power wires or the factory harness ring terminal to the bolt on the side surface
  • Clip type of circuits: hex screw and bolt
  • The mounting hole for the stand battery: conical diameter 19.5 mm-17.5 mm with bolts for fixing the terminal on the rack and adapter of various thicknesses rack
  • Protective cover of high temperature polycarbonate
  • The maximum size with protective cover: 34mm x 48mm x 23mm
  • Color: Nickel
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