4-channel amplifier

The decision of an economy class at the technical parameters of a sufficiently high level. Compact, very high power, low distortion, simplicity to load. Carefully implemented filters HCH and HF, "canonical" as in the home HI-FI, High Linearity Gain tract without iskusstennyh underscores timbre. Choosing the listener, enthusiastic naturalness of the sound inside the car and not "self-expression of power."

  • QS 4.160

    Power 4Ω - 160W х 4
    Power 2Ω - 190W x 4

  • QS 4.65

    Power 4Ω - 65W х 4
    Power 2Ω - 95W x 4

  • QS 4.95

    Power 4Ω - 95W х 4
    Power 2Ω - 115W x 4