QS 380

191 $ id: 2013014


Model Name
QS 380
Size, inches (mm) 15 "(380)
Material diffuser unpressed paper
Material surround foam rubber
Basket cast aluminum
Rated power, W 900
Maximum power, W 1800
The size of the magnet, mm 170x90x25
The weight of the magnet, oz (g) 70x2 (1984x2), double
The diameter of the voice coil, ounces (mm) 3" (75mm) BAEISV, double
Frequency response, Hz 25-800
Sensitivity, dB /W /m 85
Impedance, Ohm 4+4
The resonance frequency Fs, Hz 25
Vas, L 103,9
Qms 5,616
Qts 1,178
Qes 1,490
Xmax, mm 14,3
The recommended amount of net Wl, l 56,6
The recommended amount of FFL Net l 70,7
The recommended size of the port, diameter (mm) x length (mm) 110x250
Mounting Depth, mm 224
Weight, g 12180